PJH Visual Productions have worked closely with various Quality teams for clients to produce both training & information films to increase Quality awareness within their company.

We have produced films covering process, personal hygiene, factory clothing, changing routines, final product quality, average weight control, machine setting, supplied goods inspections, delivery inspections, process machinery inspections, hold & release procedure for possibly contaminated products & many other individual aspects of Quality both in the line & finished goods.

Getting the Quality messages across isn’t always easy & a film showing the required procedures & accepted standards ensures that all employees receive exactly the same message.

We have also produced a few “tongue in cheek” amusing films with Quality teams to get their messages across.

These always seem to be remembered by the employees!

If you have any Quality topics that would suit a film to get your message across please contact us.

PJH Visual Productions look forward to hearing from you & discussing your individual requirements & ideas.

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